This Fire Safety Training Course is designed to provide employers and employees with adequate knowledge of the risks associated with workplace fires, going into detail about the causes of fire, how to undertake a fire risk assessment and how you can ensure that appropriate fire safety precautions are in place in your business.

Fire safety is incredibly important and failure to comply with government fire safety regulations could potentially lead to prosecution, fines or legal claims. Training in fire safety is therefore compulsory for all organisations.


 Course Content/Topics Covered

  • Legislation module
  • Theory of fire and smoke behaviour
  • Identify possible fire hazards in the workplace
  • Fire prevention
  • Human behaviour and fire-fighting – theory and practical
  • Role and responsibilities of fire wardens
  • Fire evacuation procedures (site specific)
  • Fire safety in the home
  • Practical exercises
1/2 day/Evening (3 – 3 1/2 hrs)
Certificate: Certificate Issued to Each Participant
Certificate Valid For:
2 years
Course Cost: €60 per person
Group Discounts
From €40 per person
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Fire Warden / Fire Safety Course

Cost: €60

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